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Wed Sep 23 2009, 06:25PM
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Need to see if its the e107 or lgsl thats the problem.

1. Re-upload all the LGSL files to rule out a corrupt file.

2. Try setting all the servers back to zone 0, and see if the menu then shows, if not you need to do 3.

3. The e107 menu list can become screwed up, to sort it out you need to wipe and re-select your menus:

- Open up the e107 admin area in a window, and just leave it ready for later.

- Next load up phpMyAdmin and select the e107_menus table, use the 'Empty' option to wipe the table.

- Go back to the admin window and go into the menu's section, this will re-build the list, and you will need to re-position your site menus.

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