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Suggestion on better SSL support
Thu Mar 12 2009, 04:46AM

Posts: 40
Joined: Sat Nov 25 2006, 12:23PM
Registered Member #2699
i would recommend to change



into this

    $prot =    "http";
    if (isset($_SERVER['HTTPS'])) 
            $prot =    "https";


to support SSL.

ReAliTy iS JuST a DrEAm. HaCk ThE PLaNet!
Tue Apr 14 2009, 08:21AM
Posts: 1717
Joined: Wed Nov 26 2003, 04:30PM

Good point, I never thought about SSL support before.

Code has been added for the next release.

As a side note, just checking that the variable is set is not enough, as on IIS it also has $_SERVER['HTTPS'] = "off";

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