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As it looks like you have two different hosts, you contacted the one that runs hosting for

Start simple, get the basic LGSL working first:

- In the config, put in the SQL user and pass
- In the config, set ['feed']['method'] to 1
- In the config, set ['admin']['pass']
- Goto the admin.php login with pass, and add your servers, also set the zone for the servers to 1 ( the number dropdown )

View the /lgsl/ folder with your browser and hopefully you should see a list of your servers and their details.

2. Create a block like the old LGSL:

Make a file such as forum_block.php in the /lgsl/ folder and put in the code:

$lgsl_zone_number = 1;
$output = "";
require "lgsl_files/lgsl_zone.php";
echo "<div style='text-align:center'> $output </div>";

View the forum_block.php with your browser, you should see your servers, but with them going downwards.

In the config, set $lgsl_config['grid'][1] = 4;

Then view the forum_block.php and they should be going horizontally.

Update your iframe to point to the forum_block.php

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