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lsgl 4.9 e107
Fri Aug 08 2008, 07:19AM
Guest hi there i use the new e107 0.7.11
when i install the new lsgl 4.9 e107 it give me error every time unnown port nomater what i do dont work i used other before dont no if this is bug or what but cant get it to work hoop you can help
Greetings kingwilly
Sat Aug 09 2008, 10:03AM
Guest this is the Error i keep getting Unknown column 'q_port' in 'field list' dos anyone know's what the problem is !!
Mon Aug 18 2008, 09:40AM
Guest i ges that no 1 knows what the problem is Unknown column 'q_port' in 'field list' that sucks no version of the LGSL work right on the new E107 0.7.11 so no LGSL for me to use
hoop you can fix this problem
Greetings Kingwilly
Sat Aug 23 2008, 09:52AM

Posts: 74
Joined: Mon Apr 02 2007, 07:08PM
Registered Member #2999
I use E107 0.7.11 but don't know the solution to your problem, sorry

what game are you trying to query, have you altered anything, and where does it say this? on your home page (Zones) or in the LGSL list page?

Version 4.9 should work ok, provided you hosting company allows for LGSL as mentioned numerous times on these forums
Tue Sep 16 2008, 06:17AM
Guest This happens when you have it installed then uninstall and re install
To fix it simply delete the table from the mysql database manualy
then click install again.

To fix it in the plugin he needs test for the table if exists delete it when someone clicks install

Tue Oct 21 2008, 07:16PM
Guest ok thanx for info so far i try that
Greetings kingwilly

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