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A new comment generates an email to the author of the news.
Wed May 14 2008, 06:22PM
Posts: 1
Joined: Wed May 14 2008, 06:16PM
Registered Member #4050
Dear Richard Perry,

Thank a lot for your Change Mailer v1.5

I have pass the day to found not really this but approximatly : (but i'm going to use it)


e107 Too bad management "comments" did not manage as the "News".

where and how to introduce the code, so that when a member makes a comment on a news, automatically the author of this news being notified by mail, a little message a few lines.

and for post the comment to the good author :

When you create news it is signed by the name of its author.

I wish posts news on behalf of another member present in my base (identity theft certe, but accepted by members) ...

So when creating, above the choice of "class", I would like to have a menu with all members to pick one.

I guess that it manages in "newspost.php"

So if you've already developed this code snipet complementary am taker.

Thank you in advance ...

Can you guide me?

have a nice day

léo dit le croco

Thu May 15 2008, 07:30AM

Posts: 45
Joined: Mon Dec 18 2006, 03:44PM
Registered Member #2755


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