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it's possible put this?
Fri Nov 07 2014, 02:43PM
Posts: 3
Joined: Wed Nov 05 2014, 10:17PM
Registered Member #8129
I Can put that on my lgsl?

and this?
Sat Nov 08 2014, 05:56PM

Posts: 125
Joined: Wed Aug 01 2012, 08:39AM
Registered Member #7331
before while cycle insert table

Head Admin of ServerList:
Tue Jan 27 2015, 12:24PM
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Joined: Mon Jan 26 2015, 01:57PM
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i also need this it doesnt show up for me how to i add this ??
Wed Jan 28 2015, 04:09PM

Posts: 436
Joined: Sun Mar 22 2009, 06:53AM
Registered Member #4938
Like the man said: just edit lgsl_list.php, find the "while" cycle at the top of the table and before it insert a table header <th>.
Basic html really.

Not working for you?
Don't forget to share the IP/ports of the offending server so that people can do tests and help you.
Oh, and if you're using a modified lgsl_protocol.php, make sure you disable the feed or it may NOT work!
Tue Feb 24 2015, 10:12PM
Posts: 3
Joined: Tue Feb 24 2015, 10:08PM
Registered Member #8219
WoW that was fantastic. nice man!
you are awesome Plz check is

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Sat May 26 2018, 03:19AM
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Joined: Sat May 26 2018, 03:12AM
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