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phpBB Tiny bit of help!
Tue Nov 03 2009, 04:00AM
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Joined: Tue Nov 03 2009, 03:51AM
Registered Member #5540
Hey so I searched some threads trying to find if anyone had done a phpBB "integration"


What I have is this...

A stand-alone version installed in the same directory as my phpBB Forum, forums located here:

Clicking on "servers" in the bottom navigation(below the banner) takes you to here:

Now then, what I've done is created a custom page basically calling phpBB user functions/header/footer. When you go to click on the Detail icon however, it links you too :

Is there anyway of hard-coding it so it goes to servers.php?s=1

As you can see here:

It works! Any help is much appreciated, and also I would normally go to the phpBB forums for help, however I'm hoping this can be a simply fix in your files.


Spoke to soon!

I got it working by enabling
$lgsl_config['direct_index'] = 1;

Also had to edit lgsl_class.php to modify index.php to server.php.

I'm not sure if this is the best way to do this, but... it worked so far lol ;p thanks for the good mod
Tue Nov 03 2009, 12:13PM
Posts: 50
Joined: Wed Jul 15 2009, 06:38PM
Registered Member #5247
Mine integration is here:

Glad you got it all sorted.
Tue Nov 03 2009, 02:07PM

Posts: 59
Joined: Sat Nov 24 2007, 09:29AM
Registered Member #3458
I created a Flash interface for it that I've included on our phpBB forums

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