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Link on zone map image does not work
Thu Oct 29 2009, 02:51AM
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Joined: Thu Oct 29 2009, 02:43AM
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hello and ty for this awsome module

well i have the lsgl running on our site all the server monitors are working but when i click on the image it wont bring up the server stats like it use to on the 4.9 version. what am i doing wrong its says click here to view server details. i click on and it says DIRECT ACCESS NOT ALLOWED dont know what to do can u please help me with this
Thu Oct 29 2009, 09:09AM
Posts: 1717
Joined: Wed Nov 26 2003, 04:30PM

In your lgsl_config.php the bottom should say:

$lgsl_config['cms'] = "phpnuke";

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